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Season 21/22


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05-02-23 08:51:52
Hello, does anyone have any news for updates please
30-12-22 15:41:10
Merry christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year everyone
Baatar Shinryu
28-12-22 11:30:20
i wish you happy new year and lots of success!
01-12-22 00:37:03

If you are working in a 22-23 update, can you reflect the big club finances (Juventus and Barca going bankrupt :/)?
17-11-22 18:53:59
Hello all friends,

You are or for the new updates, I wish you good luck
10-11-22 04:19:28
You can use the 5-3-2 in the original game or 5-3-2 attacking without the forward lines for the central midfielders. That’s what Conte is doing. Either 343 or 352 (wingbacks with lines forward)
Baatar Shinryu
08-11-22 22:08:04
In news you will find 24 tactics diagram, Guigzi
08-11-22 19:12:27
Can you give me a diagram of the tactics please
Baatar Shinryu
08-11-22 11:59:43
I want tó recreate Conte (Tottenham) tactics. What should I do? Please help! Thank you.
Guigzi Guigzi
03-11-22 17:00:33
Hello, news updates please
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