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Bjarne Larssen
25-09-22 01:00:00
HI guys.

Just wondering if anyone got regen players with cool or spesial names... Can anyone beat "DIOGO MARAFONA" hehehe ???
14-09-22 20:36:32
hello ,

Exploit, world champion with Poland, it's not every day
Baatar Shinryu
13-09-22 09:37:33
BL = Champions League (Bajnokok Ligája in hungarian)
Baatar Shinryu
13-09-22 09:36:30
I'm sorry to have to say this, but the Italian and French championships (not running at the same time) also freeze severely at the moment of the BL draw. :(
David @ManagerOld
07-09-22 23:47:41
Jef elen: When the game gives you the bug, does an error message appear in the second window? (dosbox black screen)
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