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28-09-22 18:12:50
Hello Bjarne Larssen,

Could you send me the tactic you use please
Bjarne Larssen
28-09-22 16:35:58
Hi good ppl...

Just anupdate from my side: Playing with Man U & 5 leagues. 16th season, and no trouble so far
Bjarne Larssen
25-09-22 01:00:00
HI guys.

Just wondering if anyone got regen players with cool or spesial names... Can anyone beat "DIOGO MARAFONA" hehehe ???
14-09-22 20:36:32
hello ,

Exploit, world champion with Poland, it's not every day
Baatar Shinryu
13-09-22 09:37:33
BL = Champions League (Bajnokok Ligája in hungarian)
Baatar Shinryu
13-09-22 09:36:30
I'm sorry to have to say this, but the Italian and French championships (not running at the same time) also freeze severely at the moment of the BL draw. :(
David @ManagerOld
07-09-22 23:47:41
Jef elen: When the game gives you the bug, does an error message appear in the second window? (dosbox black screen)
Jef Elen
24-08-22 19:10:16
And I did what you told to Bataan shiryu.
I have windows 10.
Jef Elen
24-08-22 17:45:48
No downloaded it. And than I started the game with CM2E16 Portugal or turkey and now my error is after composing the world cup poules it closes automatically.
David @ManagerOld
24-08-22 07:06:57
Jef Ellen: You are using a version that is not the latest. On the main page is the latest version available, that problem should no longer appear.
jef Elen
23-08-22 20:20:36
illegal read from 3f07C02e

Deze error krijg ik.

Sorry voor de spam
jef Elen
23-08-22 20:07:49
Als ik een oefenmatch wil regelen en dan op top european teams klik loopt hij vast.
Wat kan ik doen ?
jef E
23-08-22 19:38:58
Ik weet niet wat ik misdoe maar het spel loopt elke keer vast.
David @ManagerOld
23-08-22 08:51:35
Alex Lopez: Yes!
Alex Lopez
18-08-22 07:40:09
hi there, does the beta version 0.2 include the removal of 30 year limit?
David @ManagerOld
15-08-22 02:55:35
Baatar Shinryu: You must configure the DOSBox configuration file called "dosbox-­0.­74.­conf" (0.74 is the version I have)

Make sure it looks like this, especially "memsize":

Baatar Shinryu: You must configure the DOSBox configuration file called "dosbox-­0.­74.­conf" (0.74 is the version I have)

Make sure it looks like this, especially "memsize":


That should correct the problem.
Baatar Shinryu
13-08-22 15:40:36
hi! Game said: not enough memory - to 8 GB? :(
i already reanmed the exe. files
what should i do?
Bjarne Larssen
09-08-22 14:46:19
On 6th season with Man utd with 5 leagues, and still no problems ... :D

Awsome my friends... THANX :D !!!
David @ManagerOld
01-08-22 21:34:55
guigzi18: No, but personally I think that since we have two versions (portugal/turkey) one of them should host 9 alternative European leagues. So with the same databases we would have 18 playable leagues.
21-07-22 15:45:32

Someone would have the Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish or other championship
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