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Season 21/22


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Baatar Shinryu
28-12-22 11:30:20
i wish you happy new year and lots of success!
01-12-22 00:37:03

If you are working in a 22-23 update, can you reflect the big club finances (Juventus and Barca going bankrupt :/)?
17-11-22 18:53:59
Hello all friends,

You are or for the new updates, I wish you good luck
10-11-22 04:19:28
You can use the 5-3-2 in the original game or 5-3-2 attacking without the forward lines for the central midfielders. That’s what Conte is doing. Either 343 or 352 (wingbacks with lines forward)
Baatar Shinryu
08-11-22 22:08:04
In news you will find 24 tactics diagram, Guigzi
08-11-22 19:12:27
Can you give me a diagram of the tactics please
Baatar Shinryu
08-11-22 11:59:43
I want tó recreate Conte (Tottenham) tactics. What should I do? Please help! Thank you.
Guigzi Guigzi
03-11-22 17:00:33
Hello, news updates please
26-10-22 18:57:42

I hope your evolution for the next updates is going well, let me know, thank you for your work
David @ManagerOld
16-10-22 02:44:47
Baatar Shinryu: If you mean "passing skill" I think that the skills of the players influence the style of play more than the tactics.
If you are referring to the passing style, it has worked for me with all styles, but this does not always work and I have not found a pattern on what type of teams/players this works with. It just sometimes worked and sometimes it didn't. I haven't studied it too much.
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