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Season 21/22


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Bjarne Larssen
08-07-22 01:06:27
Hi there... I an only getting to the end of my 2.nd season playing with Man United, and I have not come upon any issues so far :)
Greetz from Norway

PS: I am of course playing with the last update, and with 5 leagues !!
Baatar Shinryu
01-07-22 17:54:32
Not working :(
I try the beta version, but cm2.bat not working, or anything else :( Please help, thank you
David @ManagerOld
01-07-22 07:19:55
Guigzi18: You must download the latest version!
Harry Harry
27-06-22 11:21:39
Found Nick's patch to edit tactics online. Really incredible piece of work and a real game changer to modernize the game! Looking forward to stable update. I think it might be possible to automatically transfer player, manager and team data from football manager now aswell!
16-06-22 16:55:23

I have tried the latest update and congratulations but i have a problem i can play only english league other league is stuck at champions league draw what can i TO DO ?
Harry Harry
15-06-22 14:59:46
Hi, many thanks for the efforts in keeping this wonderful game going.

Some big changes I didn't think were possible : formations, prices/wages and style.

I know trial version, but playability seems off with formations, team performance unrealistic. Are you following football manager? Wage/price modificationis risky as I thought this resulted in some clubs in debt in the past with no transfers etc.

I am still playing 19-20 update which is great. How did you modify the formations? If easy could you provide tutorial? Some of the new formations look very follow football manager - especially fm01-02 update IMO

Keep up the good work!

David @ManagerOld
12-06-22 10:49:02
AD: Regarding the double surnames, it will be something to take into account for the next update. The solution seems simple: adding * after the last name causes it not to be used in future regens. I haven't personally tested this though.
Jean Delon
10-06-22 20:22:33
Can anyone explain why players.db, tmdata.db and mgdata.db won't work with previous versions of cm 97/98?
10-06-22 20:02:42
A couple of questions:

most teams seem to use classic 442 despite their managers and teams assigned different tactics in the editor. Do you know why?

Also, some player name and surnames are not separated. For example, instead of
First name: Radamel
Second name: Falcao
it is listed in the editor as:
First name:
Second name: Radamel Falcao.
The issue is there are new players spawning with the surname Radamel Falcao in the future.
09-06-22 21:05:32
Makes sense, thanks. Hopefully one day we can have a 5-6 league version that also runs fast.

I updated the players, managers in my computer, and noticed something interesting. Increasing top players' attributes (e.g., increasing passing/­shooting/­technique etc from 14-16 to 18-20) increased random player attributes too. I think the game engine is taking the top player attributes into account when assigning random player attributes (anything that is 0 in the editor) to normalize/balance the game.

Anyway, I also email Norbert updated background images for 21-22 version. I think this version is great.

Thanks again,
David @ManagerOld
07-06-22 03:36:46
Yes, we have set it to a limit of 4 leagues for stability, because many combinations of 5 leagues have too many problems.
David @ManagerOld
07-06-22 03:36:12
Si, lo hemos configurado en un limite de 4 ligas para mayor estabilidad, porque muchas combinaciones de 5 ligas tienen demasiados prolemas.
07-06-22 00:51:25
Great, thanks for the tip. It works now :)
It says only up to 4 leagues can be loaded, but it is okay. There is a few player and one manager who has ? in their surname. Otherwise, it looks good to me for now. I will run a test and will let you know if there is any issues.

David @ManagerOld
06-06-22 21:54:25

The name of the executable files can be changed. What you need to do at this point is to choose the version you are interested in (turkey or portugal) and rename the executable file (the name should be CM2E16) This way it should work correctly.
However, the next version will have an autorun launcher with dosbox included and already configured.
06-06-22 19:43:00
Hi team,

Thanks for uploading beta ver.2 but I couldn't get 16 bit of the game to start (it gives memory error despite Dosbox option being at 63).

Also, can you remove the space in the title for cm2e16 turkey.exe? It is hard to run it in command line. Maybe you can name it CM2E16TR.exe and CM2e16PO.exe.

Baatar Shinryu
05-06-22 09:22:20
good morning! Version 88 used to be up here. Could you put it back? Thanks :(
04-06-22 17:07:16
Thanks gentlemen. The new update also fixed the problem with loading the game under winxp in a virtual machine. So far so a lot of good. It's harder - I need to improve my tactics. Greetings
03-06-22 07:34:24
Memlimit=63 has nothing todo with playing 4 or 5 leagues btw.
28-05-22 19:21:00
Nice. I will email you some background images.

I meant most players that are not goalkeepers are taken after a short whilr. So most of the free transfer players that are not wanted are goalkeepers.

I also edited the top 40-50 players to have critical attributes +18 or more, which made the game more realistic. for example de bruyne should have 20 technique, passing etc.
south korea and other u21 problem can also be solved by editing the teams. I think the missing u21 team was Australia.
Norbert Beerten
28-05-22 12:21:47
Sarkic and Sunjic are fixed. Toulouse stadium is fixed as well. Turkey will come back. We working on other league patches with Turkey. Stadium backgrounds is something for later. If you have backgrounds, please share them if you want. We will add them to the website.

What do you mean by most non-gk players are taken? I started a new game with 5 leagues and the amount of players is hugh.
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